December 17,2018 AT 02:08 NEW YORK TIME
Gold 1239.10 -3.60 1232.20 1241.00
Silver 14.64 -0.18 14.43 14.70
Platinum 790.00 -9.00 779.00 795.00
Palladium 1247.00 -21.00 1177.00 1251.00
USA 1239.15 1235.35
GBP 983.39 984.45
EUR 1096.90 1094.64

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Republic Metals Due Diligence Process: Republic Metals Corporation is required by law under the Department of Treasury, as are all dealers in precious metals and stones, to follow the USA Patriot Act to help combat money laundering and terrorist financing. In order to satisfy our legal obligations and to comply with the high standards of our own Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy, we are required to obtain verify and record pertinent information that identifies each person with whom we do business.

In addition, in conformance with our supply chain policy Republic Metals Corporation and Affiliates, will not accept any materials that are sourced from known areas of conflict or human rights abuses, specifically but not limited to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and all adjoining countries as listed under Dodd-Frank 1502. We will require you to disclose to us the countries from which you source precious metals and stones.

Republic Metals Corporation prides itself in going above and beyond what is required by law to insure strict compliance with all state and federal regulations. Please be assured we will treat all information in strictest confidence. Thank you for your cooperation in completing this important process.


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