February 19,2019 AT 14:15 NEW YORK TIME
Gold 1340.00 +12.80 1330.40 1342.40
Silver 16.06 +0.18 15.74 16.08
Platinum 823.00 +14.00 810.00 825.00
Palladium 1487.00 +23.00 1424.00 1491.00
USA 1323.95 1325.50
GBP 1025.13 1025.14
EUR 1169.58 1170.81


Republic Metals Corporation has developed a full-service Assay Laboratory on-site at its Miami facilities.  With a full complement of expert personnel and state-of-the-art analytical equipment, RMC’s Assay Lab can accommodate practically any need.

In most instances where a melt is required, RMC’s skilled operations team carefully extract representative samples while material is completely homogenized within the crucible.  The sample is then delivered to the laboratory, where it is checked in by the Lab Manager.  A preliminary sample of 300 milligrams is cupelled with 10 grams of assay-grade lead (Pb) to determine total precious metals content of the bullion.

Once the estimated gold (Au) content is determined, the sample is again cut and weighed to approximately 300 milligrams.  At this time, an aliquot of assay-grade silver (Ag) is added to ensure proper parting will occur.  The sample is then cupelled in a temperature controlled electric assay furnace to remove the impurities normally contained in Karat grade bullion.

Once removed from the furnace and cooled to room temperature, the silver beads containing the gold are parted in nitric acid to remove the silver.  The crude sample is washed, dried, weighed and recorded.  At this point the gold is dissolved is Aqua regia, and trace amounts of silver are analyzed and subtracted from the crude gold – creating a final gold assay.

The parted solution is then chemically processed and the prepared solution is subsequently analyzed on an ultra-modern Spectro Arcos ICP if platinum and/or palladium analysis is required.

RMC also possesses the best in X-Ray Fluorescence technology, for use in performing initial analyses or quick verifications of material content.

The RMC Assay Laboratory lies at the heart of the business.  RMC goes above and beyond industry standards to demand perfection from its assay lab.  The combination of speed and precision has directly affected the bottom line of our clients in a highly beneficial manner.

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