February 19,2019 AT 14:01 NEW YORK TIME
Gold 1340.90 +13.70 1330.40 1342.40
Silver 16.07 +0.19 15.74 16.08
Platinum 824.00 +15.00 810.00 825.00
Palladium 1486.00 +22.00 1424.00 1490.00
USA 1323.95 1325.50
GBP 1025.13 1025.14
EUR 1169.58 1170.81

Reliable Customer Service

RMC2 further separates itself from the pack with customer service that exceeds expectations. Solid, reliable service has not always been a staple of the industry, but RMC2 is determined to change that notion. With a dedicated team to professionally support your refining needs, customers consistently tell us how pleased they are with our responsiveness and ability to quickly resolve any issue.

At the end of the day, it is essential to have a trusting relationship with your refinery. Trust has always been a crucial element in quality customer service and overall success in business. As the world moves increasingly towards digital communications and operations, the idea of trust takes on a new meaning for businesses.

As companies are becoming more diverse, face-to-face encounters are becoming more infrequent. Digital communications allow for firms to operate under these partnership relationships very effectively.

RMC2 operates under the guiding principles of equitable treatment, transparency and clear communication. These beliefs reinforce ethical standards and trusting relationships amongst all of our customers.

RMC2 A division of Republic Metals Corporation | 12900 NW 38th Ave | Miami, FL 33054 | (888) 685-8505